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Mateus Mesquita

Hello, my name is Mateus Mesquita, and I am a creative developer currently living in my hometown, Santa Rita do Sapucaí with my family.

I'm enthusiastic about FREE SOFTWARE, FREE CULTURE and Accessibility.

I have worked at Ubisoft (Kyiv)Wargaming (Minsk)Miniclip (Lisbon)Firehorse (Sao Paulo) and others, working in projects such Skull and BonesFar Cry 6WoT Blitzpacman.io8 Ball PoolThe Banner SagaKillers and Thieves and more...

I love retro-programming and co-created The Mistral Report for MSDOS, awarded 🥇 at Retro Zaragozza 2018.
Also I make some GAMES for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Also I'm interested in CREATIVE-CODING and generative art.

Well, there a lot of stuff that I've made!
If you want you can check all of them in the GAMES or PROJECTS section.

You can take a look at my RESUME, check my code at GITHUB connect with me at Linkedin, check my CONTACTS or perhaps read my BLOG.

It's nice to see you here!
I hope that you enjoy ;D