The Banner Saga

Firehorse and Stoic Studio had the same publisher at the time - VersusEvil, which allowed them to collaborate very interestingly and I ended up working with those amazing award-winning games.

I was responsible to maintain and improve both games for Stoic Studio. At the time it was a huge challenge since the games were written in a totally different stack that I was used to. Also the scope of the project - then, the biggest project I had worked on - made it a true challenge.

The game was written in a mixture of languages with Action Script 3 as the primally language for the game and tools, and lots of different middleware for multiple platforms. Ant was used as the build system, and Mercurial was the versioning used by the team.

While I engaged in a couple of meetings with the Stoic team, most of my work centered around selecting tasks from Jira and collaborating with fellow developers to address any arising issues.

This is one of the most beloved projects that I've worked on, it helped to open so many doors and gave me so nice opportunities. After this project, I got the opportunity to make Stoic Studio's Killers and Thieves.
    General Info:
  • Role: Programmer
  • Tech: Action Script 3, Ant, Mercurial
  • Year: 2017
  • Platform: